Reasons why the organization was started.

Where as the Community is faced with several challenges more so poverty, diseases, poor feeding, ignorance and illiteracy. We have a role to play in curbing the situation, we have decided to develop the children, youth and adults in social, health and economic aspects of living are concerned.




General reasons are;

–         To help and provide quality and appropriate education to orphans, poor children and vulnerable children on sponsorship.

–         -To sensitize the spread of HIV/AIDS to children, youth and adults.

–         To promote children’s desires/ talents in singing, preaching the word of God, crafts…

–         To provide safe water to the needy communities.

Future expectations.


If God remains on our side in future we wish to have the following.

-Well planned/ constructed dormitories, school and dispensary for the OVS.

-A farm of crops and animals in order to be providing a balanced diet to OVC.

-Company’s vehicles for easy transport and reach the services to the needy OVC.

-Well stocked means of communication such as on internets.

-A computer lab.



As a teacher (professionally) and a Christian, after observing all the hazards, ignorance and the poor standards of living where communities stay with the vulnerable, orphans and the very poor people , I felt sympathetic and I was inspired by the spirit of God to begin such a program.