Oct 08

OVC’s In Uganda

Major Generators of OVC’s

Short background
In Uganda, the major driver of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) is HIV/AIDS scourge, which stands at 45% according to UBOS – 2007.

The problem of orphans and other vulnerable children crisis has reached critical levels in Uganda and in Namulanda in particular.

Causes of OVC’s
Many families have been affected by HIV/AIDS, armed conflicts and other vulnerability causes. It is estimated that there are over two million orphans most of whom are a result of HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

What we could do
Upon realizing this phenomenon, we formed an organization – CECYA – registered under community based organizations, and have undertaken the duty of caring for OVCs, whose number and needs grow day by day.

What you can do

We need your help to raise these children to a better standard. Please give anything you can to these suffering children. I am a teacher by profession, my salary is not sufficient enough to cater for all these children, in the presence of my family.

If you can donate anything, please do not hesitate, CLICK HERE


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