If you can spare a month, two or more in Uganda, CECYA has volunteer work with projects based in Wakiso, and Entebbe in Uganda.

We need volunteers who can bring new ideas, work with minimal supervision, and have a positive, self-starting attitude. We do not need just young volunteers, but older people with business skills and experience as well. We need those who can sort out bookwork and apply for grants. As we try to help all members of society, we need all ages of volunteers to help them function.

Our headquarters are in Entebbe Town. We also have simple money generating projects like crop growing and animal rearing. We are also working with many schools mainly primary schools; we also have youth groups who would need mentoring in business skills, ideas of community development, living with and without HIV/AIDS, spiritual issues among others.

Take some time to read through our volunteer programs:



Basically, we would want volunteers who are willing to interact with poor hopeless children we have in our registry, (over 100), give them hope and teach them basics of life. We also have contacts with other schools that a volunteer can teach, basing on the traditional teaching of Uganda, which is based on memorization and passing of exams. School terms vary annually but are likely to be: Feb 1 to April 15, May 20 to August 20, Sept 20 to November 30. We also work with village-based boarding schools.

Teaching needy and orphaned kids has serious challenges and needs volunteers who are open to local teaching methods but still able to bring creativity and fun into the classroom. You are the outside world to these kids. Schools have a basic curriculum, but you’ll be planning your own lessons daily. While there is a language barrier, by volunteering you can introduce creative writing, drawing, debate, and life skills into the classroom.

All volunteers coming to Entebbe Town will live together in an enclosed fenced bungalow. Justine is there to take care of you. You will be given 3 meals of local Ugandan food per day. This consists of matooke (mashed plantain), posho (cornmeal- like polenta), potatoes and rice. Since we have so many vegetarians in our midst, we generally serve these with beans or peas. You’ll be happy to get fish or meat once a week. Bread, eggs and fruits are served at breakfast.


Youth Mentoring:

Youth mentoring in CECYA would include Public speaking and mentoring of youth and youth leaders respecting HIV/AIDS, public health/hygiene, family planning, condom use, creativity workshops promoting small business development, the importance of basic education, and women’s rights and empowerment. This is the most important and most common activity undertaken by volunteers.

Community Outreach:

Includes home visits to elderly, disabled, and persons living with HIV/AIDS to keep company, offer relief, and assess needs. This is a good opportunity for volunteers to see the daily challenges faced by marginalized groups in Uganda.

Administration: fundraising, sourcing markets for handicrafts, strategic planning, report writing and file maintenance.


CECYA also needs volunteers that provide counseling, care, and education for rural people and orphaned and underprivileged children.

In our communities, major activities involve working with local children and youth. You decide if you want to teach nursery, primary, secondary, vocational education, or if you want to be involved in a more free form work arrangement placed with an organization that provides community outreach services.


Whether you volunteer in Entebbe town or in a village, you’ll likely use Kampala town as your base for services. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, with a good number of twenty four hour working businesses such as cafes, a bunch of restaurants and drinking spots, supermarkets, and luxury hotels with swimming pools and gardens. It’s easily accessible from all village placements by public transport.

By public transport it takes about 30 minutes to get to Kampala from Entebbe which is a good place to get specialized services or have some western fun.


Please email us your resume or a list of your skills/interests, and a Statement of Interest telling us why you want to come live and volunteer in Uganda. Try to apply well in advance of when you’re traveling.

You must arrive around the 1st or 15th of the month. We have a fortnight minimum and a 3 month maximum. If you want to stay longer, we’ll work it out if the space is available.

You need to be at least 16 years old, speak English, and be in relatively good health to volunteer with CECYA.

You may want to fill out our forms:
For an individual CLICK  HERE
For a group of volunteeers CLICK  HERE


The cost to volunteer through CECYA for two weeks is 370USD. Your second and third weeks are $180 each.

In order to secure any placement we require a $200 non-refundable deposit. This is wired directly to our bank account. The deposit is applied to your total program fee.

The fee covers support while you prepare for Uganda, airport pickup, first night hotel, transport to your placement, food and accommodation while volunteering, supervision, and a donation to the organization.

The fee does not cover airline tickets, visas, vaccinations, drinking water, leisure activities, or medical services. You’ll likely need $20-$40 a week to support a basic life which includes drinking water, internet, transport, and a few western treats such as coffee and chocolate. Safaris and white water rafting are a bit more expensive. Check out a Lonely Planet or Bradt guide on Uganda for details about that.


Mailing address:

Christians’ Effort for Children, Youths, and Adults

Entebbe, Uganda

East Africa

Telephone: +256 (0) 773 835641

Email: info@cecya.org