Facts about Nutrition in Our daily Lives

Nutrition;Is the process of acquiring food materials in the body for its normal functioning like growth, metabolism, repair and healing.

Nutrition moves hand in hand with with diet
Diet is a meal that can be taken in the body for general purposes.
There’s also “Balanced diet” which literally means a meal containing all food contents needs for proper body growth and functioning in right amounts.
Percentage plans a balanced diet as required by the body for it’s proper human growth and functioning

Water; being a universal solvent it is much required by the body for proper growth and function

Proteins sometimes it’s called grow food which is very important in body growth and repairing the worn out body tissues.

Vitamins which are also some times called glow foods and the protective foods that defend the body against any intruder or against any body infection or diseases.And under nutrition science, vitamins are further divided into different classes like; vitamin A,B¹,B²,C,D,E,


Carbohydrates; which is also called body energy giving food this is the food that contains basically starch and good at giving energy to the body carbohydrates are acquired From cereal foods like Maize floor,millet floor,rice

Roughages;  these are basically and commonly found in fruits like pawpaws and other leafy vegetables which help in the prevention of constipation.


Minerals; like ion, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals help in body formation and defends the body against some infections like iodine prevention of goitre, calcium proper Borne growth and development and teeth.

Regular visiting of the doctor for body check ups

  • Responding to body communication and demands like if you feel you want to urinate,go and urinate,
  • Avoid too much alcohol and other drugs which not prescribed by knowledgeable doctor
  • Avoid too much fats
  • Regular physical exercises
  • Eating food on Time
  • Eat enough food
  • Have enough rest.
Nutrition in medical, has got different stages or steps and these are listed here.

Ingestion;This is the process of taking food materials into the body through the.Digestion as another step of nutrition. This is the process by which food materials are broken into appropriate size that can easily be taken or absorbed into the body.

Absorption;  This is the process through which food materials are made to join the blood system.


Transport;  Like normal movement from one place to others, it is so under nutrition this is the way how food materials are able to move from where it’s placed to where it’s required for further body’s use and according to enzyme function and body’s operation.


Assimilation;  This is when different food contents is made to be part of the body per body’s demand

Excretion; This is the process by through which in digested food materials are discarded from the body through the anus as faeces, mucus, sweats or and urea.


Types of nutrition in humans

Mechanical nutrition; This is the nutrition which is performed by the teeth tobreakfoodmaterials into manageable pieces

Chemical nutrition;  This is the type of nutrition which is performed by the saliva and enzymes together with other body liquids.


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