How to eradicate poverty in people’s homes

How to eradicate poverty in people’s homes;

Tips to eradicate poverty are first going to be listed then after I elaborate one by one as seen below:
1,Financial training to all school going age children.
2, Diversification of the economy.
3, Education and immunization with nutrition knowledge to solve diseases.
4, Start with the small available material to generate the big .
5,Have a variety of items for sell to capture the market.
6, Guiding youths to change their mind set.
7,Through TV and radio programs educate youths on how to plan for their income.
8, Introduction of money management policy to curbĀ  poor saving culture in the people.
9, Spiritual ties solving it by encouraging the youths to visit churches for guidance and spiritual prayers.
10,wars can be solved through peacetalks People can stop fighting
11,political instability.. through peace talks

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