About us

Cecya is a non
denominational, non partisan, with no discrimination of any kind and there fore it a family of Godly people who are at all times being led by the power of the holy spirit. Being that cecya is led by the holy spirit, it propels it to work hard to ensure that the under privileged humans get Justice, care and love Worth for human for any human since we believe that we were all created in God’s image we are equal before the creator regardless of color, race, denomination or and rank.

In such a time of challenges, poverty, sicknesses, temptations, depression or stress, cecya was born to be a parent to the parentless, and all vulnerable of different categories especially, Children, youth and some adults of some challenges… Hence the name… Christian Efforts for Children Youths and Adults (cecya)…
Cecya was created purposely to strengthen those whose hope was ruined, orphan, Young children, vulnerable like lame, blind, dumb….

Cecya tries it’s best to rebuild hope in hearts of those in need through its program of taking back to school those in school going age, providing school affordable materials, sports clubs for the youth, and financial club for the elders such that the hope continues..

All the above is provided to the needy free of charge… Which mostly puts cecya inside people’s hearts and carry it everywhere and wherever they go.


Christians Effort for Children Youth and Adults (cecya) was founded in 2010 with a mission of helping the needy community especially orphanage children and youth staying with AIDS not forgetting the elderly .We are now in need of volunteers and donors who are ready to come to Africa.