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How to eradicate poverty in people’s homes .

How to eradicate poverty in people’s homes; Tips to eradicate poverty are first going to be listed then after I elaborate one by one as seen below: Financial training to all school going age children. Diversification of the economy. Education and immunization with nutrition knowledge to solve diseases. Start with the small available material to ….  Read More

Facts about Nutrition in Our daily Lives

Nutrition;Is the process of acquiring food materials in the body for its normal functioning like growth, metabolism, repair and healing. Nutrition moves hand in hand with with diet Diet is a meal that can be taken in the body for general purposes. There’s also “Balanced diet” which literally means a meal containing all food contents needs ….  Read More

Welcome to CECYA

General reasons are; – To help and provide quality and appropriate education to orphans, poor children and vulnerable children on sponsorship. – -To sensitize the spread of HIV/AIDS to children, youth and adults. – To promote children’s desires/ talents in singing, preaching the word of God, crafts… – To provide safe water to the needy ….  Read More